About Us

Emily and Chris

——We love traveling and we love our dogs

It’s not always easy to combine the two especially when that means getting on flights or crossing borders. With Thandi, our first dog, we brought her from Kenya to California, and a few years later she went with us to Ecuador before returning to California where we settled down for a while. Now we are gearing up for a new adventure as we look to bring Sam and Denver on our next global journey.

Our Mission

Whether you want to take your pet with you on a fun local afternoon out or you want to jet set around the globe with your furry companion, Pets Around the World is dedicated to helping you on your next travel adventure.

Meet the Team

Emily Wilson – Founder and Caretaker of Pets Around the World
Man on a sled in the snow with a Norwich terrier
Chris Prudhomme – Tech and All-Around Support
Sam – 23 Pound Border Terrier
Denver – 13 Pound Norwich Terrier
Thandi [In Memorium] -12 Pound Jack Russell Terrier

Read more about our trio of terriers, Sam, Denver and Thandi in Pets Around the World – Meet 24 Fascinating Dog Breeds from Every Corner of the Globe


Countries Visited


Corners peed on


Miles flown with Pets

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