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Airlines That Allow Large Dogs in Cabin: Why JSX is the Top Choice for Flying with Large Four-Legged Friends

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Flying with pets can be a stressful experience, but US-based JSX, an award-winning hop-on jet service, is changing that narrative. It is one of the few options for people who need an airline that allows large dogs in the cabin.

Can I buy my dog a seat on an airplane? How to fly with a large dog in cabin with JSX

JSX is revolutionizing air travel for pet owners by offering a hassle-free, semi-private flying experience with business-class amenities

Plus it is an airline that allows large dogs in cabin with the ability to

  • fly with small pets in a carrier for $100
  • buy a seat for your medium-large dog to fly with you in the cabin
Medium dog can't fit inside airline approved carrier
This Sherpa bag is airline approved and meets the size requirements for the majority of airlines. As you can see, Sam doesn’t fit

I am normally a budget traveler. I will spend hours scouring all the airlines, changing my dates and strategy just to save a few hundred bucks. People who have small dogs that meet the in-cabin requirements for most commercial airlines can probably continue to have a lot of flexibility and save some money.

Unfortunately, those of us with a dog over the typical 18-20 pound weight limit or those whose breeds are excluded from flying under the plane altogether like snub nosed dogs need other options.

My border terrier Sam is 23 pounds and has long legs. He does not fit in any of the airline-approved carriers even though most people would consider him a small dog. I needed to find an airline that allows large dogs in cabin. JSX offers a great option for flying with our “medium-sized” dog.

JSX is not a budget option. They market themselves towards business class fliers. Their prices are very reasonable compared to typical business class, but will definitely be higher than the saver fare on Southwest.

✈️ Use my referral code when you create your JSX account to get $20 off your first flight.

The routes on JSX are more limited and may require multiple legs and longer driving time to reach your end destination.

However, I know of hundreds of people in my pet travel groups who literally drove from the west coast to New York to get the next stage of their relocation journey to Europe.

People with pets in the 20-35 pound range are often catching their transatlantic flight on La Compagnie. Many people will go to great lengths to provide for the safety and comfort of their pets. If this is you, JSX might be just the solution!

If you are a frequent pet traveler in the US, we’d love to hear about your experience! Share your story to help other travelers and stamp your Paws Passport!

JSX Dog Policy: Why choose JSX over a traditional commercial airline for flying with a large dog and a snub-nosed breed

Yorkie dog is boarding the flight for JSX Airlines that allow large dogs in cabin
Ducky the Yorkie (@duckytheyorkie) boarding the JSX flight
(Photo credit: Owner Christine Hsu)

JSX dog policy offers numerous advantages over traditional commercial airlines when it comes to flying with large dogs inside the plane and snub-nosed breeds. These advantages stem from the allowance of significantly larger pets in the cabin than traditional US domestic airlines, personalized services, and a stress-free environment, which make traveling with pets a more enjoyable experience.

Great pet-friendly policies to fly with a large dog in cabin:

As opposed to many commercial airlines that have strict pet policies and breed restrictions, JSX accommodates large dogs (up to 79 pounds) and snub-nosed breeds in the cabin of the plane without any additional hassle.

Unfortunately for those with giant breeds, JSX will not be the right fit for you. Consider what to do with your dog when you travel.

In-cabin pet experience: 

Unlike traditional commercial airlines which may not have any options for larger pets, and if they do are often required to travel in the cargo hold or excess baggage, JSX allows pets to travel in the cabin with their owners. This ensures that pet owners can keep an eye on their furry friends and make sure they are comfortable throughout the flight.

➡️  Robert recently flew on JSX airline with his wife and their 70-pound black lab. They flew from Oakland to Dallas with a quick layover in Las Vegas. That would not have been possible on a commercial airline since flights allowing larger dogs within the continental US are extremely limited. 

A good airline that allows brachycephalic pets

Snub-nosed breeds, such as pugs and bulldogs, are more susceptible to respiratory issues due to their facial structure. Traveling in the cargo hold of commercial airlines can exacerbate these risks.

JSX’s in-cabin pet policy significantly reduces the risks associated with air travel for these breeds by providing a safer, more controlled environment.

➡️  Jane and her 28-pound French Bulldog, Max did not meet the in-cabin requirements for traditional commercial airlines. Even ones without a weight limit such as Southwest require a carrier that was too small for Max. They were really happy to be able to attend a family celebration after flying from Las Vegas to Dallas. 

Spacious cabin:

Interior cabin of JSX airlines. Shows the spacious cabin where your large dog will fit flying inside the cabin with you
Interior Cabin (Photo Credit: JSX Airlines)

JSX’s 30-seat jets provide business-class legroom, making it easier for passengers with large dogs to travel without feeling cramped.

➡️  Sandra and her Golden Retriever, Buddy, had a comfortable flight due to the extra legroom and space provided by JSX. Buddy had the footwell of his own seat all to himself. He didn’t have to share the space with Sandra’s feet.

Stress-free airport experience: 

JSX’s private terminals allow passengers to check in just 20 minutes before departure.

The departure airport is not in a traditional airport with all the TSA checkpoints. Check-in takes place in the hanger that is focused on that particular flight.

It also has non-invasive security checks ensure a quick and hassle-free process, which is especially beneficial for pets that may become anxious in crowded airport environments.

No taking your kitty out of their carrier for a TSA inspection and having to chase them around the room for 15 minutes because they escaped and are scared and don’t want to get back in their carrier. 

They are currently working to install pet relief stations at all the airport hangers.

JSX Pet Policy

Yorkie sitting on the seat in the cabin of pet-friendly JSX airlines. Small pets go in a pet carrier
Ducky the Yorkie (@duckytheyorkie) sitting on JSX as an example.
Small dogs need to remain in their carrier during flights. (Photo credit to owner Christine Hsu)

Since JSX is an airline that allows large dogs in cabin, be sure to notify JSX when booking your travel or call Customer Support to add a pet to your reservation for any dog that is too big for a carrier and needs a separate seat.

For small dogs, you can add them to your online reservation.

The airline is starting to limit the number of pets on a flight, so if you are traveling with a furry companion make sure to reserve as soon as possible.

 Pets must be well-behaved, and non-aggressive. Aggressive animals who are barking or lunging at people or other pets, will not be able to fly.  

Make sure to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including providing valid health and vaccination certificates when required.

How to fly with small dogs and cats (in a carrier)

Small pets, including cats and dogs, can travel in-cabin for a fee in an approved carrier (13″ W x 11″ H x 17″ L) placed under the seat in front of the owner for the whole flight.

We found an extra large soft backpack carrier for Sam. I tested out 6 different XL carriers and selected the one that works best for us. This carrier is barely a smidge over their allowances, but I am pretty sure it will work for us.

How to fly with a large dog (not in a carrier)

For medium-to-large dogs, JSX allows in-cabin travel as well.

Customers must purchase an adjoining seat for the dog to lay on the floor in front of the extra seat. The dog will have the seat by the window and the owner will sit in the aisle seat. This ensures the dog is not encroaching into the aisle or causing any disturbances.

The dog must be leashed, weigh 79 lbs or less, and be well-behaved. A JSX Pet Acceptance Liability Form must be presented before boarding.

If something happens to the leash, the airline will provide one for you.

Emotional Support and Service Animals

JSX also accommodates emotional support animals and service animals, requiring proper documentation and adherence to behavior policies.

Emotional support animals are limited to one per customer and follow the same policies as a pet.

Trained service animals are welcome onboard as long as the customer can provide information about what task the dog is trained to do and additional documentation if requested.

JSX booking and costs

When reserving your flight, simply indicate that you’ll be traveling with a pet or call JSX Customer Support at (800) 435-9579 to add a pet to your reservation.

Keep in mind that in-cabin travel for small pets in an approved carrier has a fee of $100, while medium-to-large dogs require the purchase of an adjoining seat.

To book a seat for your medium-to-large dog you can purchase one additional seat for one pet.

The cost of the additional seat varies by market and must be purchased at the current available rate. This ensures your furry friend has enough space to lay on the floor in front of the seat, making the journey more comfortable for both of you. Customers with big dogs must fill out the attached form.

➡️  One frequent pet traveler commented, “We love flying JSX and it’s usually cheaper than a dogsitter.”

As a personal tip, I recommend booking your flights as early as possible, as the number of pets allowed in the cabin is limited to five per flight. This ensures you secure a spot for your pet and avoid any potential disappointment.

JSX Flights and Routes

One of the main downsides to a specialty airline like this is they don’t have the routes or frequency that a commercial carrier has. The size of the plane also limits their flight time to about 3 hours. While that makes it hard to get across the country, one benefit is you don’t have to worry as much about how your dog goes to the bathroom on a plane.  

Check out the updated map of JSX routes.

They have a strong presence in California, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona. JSX connects popular cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Dallas, among others. Their network is continuously expanding and changes with the seasons, so make sure to check their website for the most up-to-date route information.

For those looking to travel from the West Coast to the East Coast, JSX has you covered. As long as you don’t mind a bit of complexity and additional costs per leg.  Even though they don’t offer direct coast-to-coast flights, you can still create a  plan with a few connections. 

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I want to fly with my 14-year-old 23 lb terrier to Central America. There are no good direct flight commercial flight options from SFO, to Costa Rica without multiple stops. 

This will be my route:

Flight 1: JSX Oakland to Dallas * (depending on the season, I might have to stop in Las Vegas)

Flight 2: JSX Dallas to Miami

Spend the night in Miami

Flight 3: switch to commercial excess baggage for a non-stop flight from Miami to San Jose, Costa Rica

➡️ One frequent pet traveler said, “If your destination is anywhere even remotely drivable from one of their serviced cities, I can’t recommend them enough. The price per ticket was roughly equivalent to a business/first class ticket on a major airline for our trip.”

JSX Destinations

Cabo San LucasConcord/Napa
DestinGunnison/Crested Butte
HoustonLas Vegas
Lajitas/Big BendLos Angeles
Orange County / Santa AnaPhoenix
San DiegoTaos
Westchester County
List of Destinations JSX flies. Check their website for up-to-date route and destination changes

Airport experience

Group of people boarding JSX plane from the tarmac is quick and will reduce stress for large dogs
Boarding a JSX Flight (Photo credit: JSX Airlines)

One of the standout features of flying with JSX is the unparalleled airport experience. With private terminals at most of their locations, JSX eliminates the hassle and stress of navigating through crowded airports. 

The check-in process is incredibly easy and efficient.

➡️  One frequent pet traveler reported, “. I showed up just 20 minutes before my flight and still had time to spare. After a brief medical questionnaire, I was ready to go.”

➡️  Another experienced pet traveler said, “Check-in is super easy and their lounge is very comfortable. I highly recommend JSX.”

The private terminals also mean that you’ll bypass the long security lines and crowded boarding areas typically associated with commercial airlines. When it’s time to board, you’ll be able to walk straight from the lounge to your aircraft, simplifying the entire process.

Cabin and seat

The cabin features a spacious seating arrangement with 36 inches of legroom, ensuring that both you and your pet have ample space to stretch out and relax during the flight.

In-cabin experience for pets

➡️  One experienced pet traveler shared,” The staff are amazing and all of them loved the dogs. They go above and beyond to accommodate pets and their owners. My dog was even given a special bandana!

While takeoff and landings can be a bit challenging for pets due to the noise and changes in air pressure, the attentive and caring JSX staff are always ready to help ensure that both you and your pet have the best possible in-flight experience. You can also do a lot to help prepare your pet for the flight before you arrive. It will help to reduce the potential for whining and fear.

In-cabin experience for a small dog or cat

They will be placed in their carrier tucked under the seat in front of you. Make sure to crate-train your dog before the journey.

JSX has treats for their furry flyers, so feel free to ask for a snack.

In-cabin experience for a large dog

Your furry friend will be seated on the expanded floor space next to the main seats, ensuring that they have enough room to lay down and stay comfortable throughout the journey.

JSX has treats for their furry flyers, so feel free to ask for a snack.

The staff kindly requests that pets are kept out of the aisle, as this could pose a safety hazard during service and movement throughout the cabin.

Amenities and service

Pet-friendly JSX airlines has a youth sitting in their spacious seat watching an i-pad
Photo credit: JSX Airlines

The in-flight experience is designed to keep you comfortable, and entertained throughout your journey.

There are power outlets at every row to keep your devices charged and ready to use during your flight.

Staying connected is also a breeze, as JSX is currently rolling out free onboard Starlink WiFi fleetwide, with completion expected by Spring 2023.

Upon landing, you’ll appreciate the convenience of planeside baggage retrieval, allowing you to collect your luggage and be on your way within minutes of touchdown. Since your pet is already with you, it is easy to get out of the airport and on your way in just a few minutes. 

🚙 If you need a rental car when you reach your destination, check out Discover Cars

Food and beverage

Passengers can enjoy a selection of complimentary gourmet snacks, beer, wine, and spirits, ensuring that your taste buds are well taken care of as you soar through the skies.

There is no oven on the flights, but at typically less than 3 hours, the sandwiches and snacks provided work out well. 

They have snacks for your pup too. Just ask for a treat.

Points and Miles

JSX partners with United Airlines. You can earn points for the miles you fly with JSX towards United MileagePlus.

Those with Jet Blue TrueBlue can earn miles based on the segment flown and the class of fare.

Final Thoughts on JSX: One of the Best US Airlines That Allow Large Dogs in the Cabin

Choosing JSX for your pet-friendly travel needs is a decision you won’t regret. From their accommodating pet policy and comfortable cabin space to their top-notch amenities and exceptional service, JSX goes above and beyond to make sure both you and your furry companions have a seamless and enjoyable flying experience.

After interviewing a number of experienced pet travelers who flew with JSX, they all basically said the same thing:

“We had an AWESOME experience on JSX! Cannot recommend them enough!!!”

Whether you’re flying with a small dog or cat in a carrier or traveling with a large dog requiring an additional seat, JSX ensures that every aspect of your journey is taken care of. 

The biggest challenge is their limited network and routes. However, they make up for it with a convenient booking process and a personalized airport experience that all contributes to a stress-free and enjoyable trip.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a pet-friendly airline that puts your needs and your pet’s comfort at the forefront, JSX is undoubtedly the way to go. Give them a try on your next journey, and experience the difference for yourself.

✈️ Use my referral code when you create your JSX account to get $20 off your first flight.

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