4 Best Dog Friendly Weekend Breaks in Slovenia

Have you been wanting to take a dog friendly weekend getaway, day trip or vacation in Slovenia? Check out these ideas!

Are you planning a weekend break with your dog to Slovenia? Everywhere we went in Slovenia felt like we popped into a fairy tale. And in some ways it is actually a magical place since it is the most dog friendly country I’ve ever been to.

From the serene shores of Lake Bled to the high peaks of Triglov National Park, Slovenia offers tons of activities that you and your pooch can enjoy together. There’s something here for everyone whether you want to go on intense hikes or you want to relax at a cafe and watch the world go by. Let’s delve into the four best dog-friendly spots in Slovenia where you and your dog can explore and create new memories.


Bridge over river with greenery in Ljubljana

Why Ljubljana is a great city break

Best For: Scenic river strolls, outdoor cafes, vibrant parks, historical walks, dog-friendly boat rides, social vibes, cultural exploration

Ljubljana is an amazing dog-friendly getaway that feels like stepping into a storybook. You could easily spend an entire afternoon walking along the Ljubljanica River with your dog, seeing the cool Triple Bridge and the castle up on the hill. The castle welcomes dogs on the grounds, on the funicular (muzzled or bagged) and even into most of the visitor areas.

The city has a relaxed vibe, and there are plenty of outdoor cafes where your dog is welcome. If it’s raining or cold and. you need to go inside, most places allow your pups to join you.

You have to check out Tivoli Park. It’s huge, with lots of space for your dog to run and explore. Get some of your zoomies out by walking to the top of Roznik Hill. On the opposite side of the hill, In Ljubljana, dogs can even visit the zoo with you, which is pretty unique.

One of the coolest things is the dog-friendly boat rides on the river, a great way to see the city from the water.

The Old Town is pedestrian-friendly, with colorful buildings and cobblestone streets that are fun to wander through. There are water bowls outside shops and parks with dog waste stations, making it really convenient. It’s a great mix of chill and culture, perfect for a weekend trip with your dog.

Our experience: why we think this is a fantastic day trip or weekend getaway

Ljubljana is the most dog-friendly city we’ve ever visited! It’s policies are almost as welcoming as Italy, but with wider sidewalks and more walking trails, so we didn’t have to worry about cars zooming by. The locals definitely take advantage of how pet friendly it is because dogs are constantly out and about with their owners. The city is small enough to walk everywhere, which was perfect for us.

We loved the charming cafes in the historical areas and all the spots along the river to grab a coffee or sweet treat. Our favorite was Špica Caffe on the riverfront, with a huge grassy area and loungers. It felt like a dog park with pups running around and playing. We’re huge fans of Ljubljana and plan to come back as often as possible.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled with boat in the foreground

Why Lake Bled is a great dog friendly getaway

Best For: Scenic lake walks, boat rides, forest hikes, castle visits, summer swimming, & cozy cafes

Lake Bled is an awesome spot for a dog-friendly getaway. Walking around the beautiful lake with your dog, you’ll see Bled Castle towering above and a cute little island in the middle. The path around the lake is perfect for a stroll, with plenty of places for your pup to take a dip.

One of the coolest things to do is take a Pletna boat to Bled Island – yes, dogs are welcome!

In high season, Vintgar Gorge is another must-see with its amazing wooden walkways along a crystal-clear river, making it feel magical.

Nearby Lake Bohinj is much quieter which can be a lot more pleasant with a dog. There are great hiking trails and a going up to Savica Waterfall is worth it.

Don’t forget to check out Bled Castle. Some parts are dog-friendly, and the views from the top are incredible.

There are plenty of cozy cafes and restaurants where dogs are welcome, so you can relax and enjoy the local vibe. Lake Bled is perfect for a weekend with your dog – beautiful scenery, lots of outdoor fun, and super dog-friendly.

Our experience: why we think this is a fantastic day trip or weekend getaway

We loved the smooth, flat trails around Lake Bled. We walked about 3 km, but the entire 6 km loop is perfect for tiring out any dog. After our walk, we enjoyed the famous cream cake and a cappuccino at a lakeside cafe.

Watch out for swans and other water birds. Sam and Denver were fine, but my old Jack Russell would have gone nuts!

The tourist area is great for relaxing and strolling, but if you want more adventure, head out of town.

We visited in the spring. The weather was beautiful and even though we had to ask for someone to scoot over so we could share the bench, it wasn’t too crowded.

Soča River and Triglav National Park

Why Soča River and Triglav National Park is a great dog friendly weekend vacation

Best For: hiking and nature walks, stunning scenic views, adventure activities

For a truly magical, dog-friendly weekend getaway, the Soča River Valley and Triglav National Park are unmatched. This destination offers some of the most beautiful and unique scenery you will ever see in your life, with towering mountains, glaciers, ice-blue rivers, and swinging footbridges. It’s like stepping into that scene from “The Sound of Music,” with Maria singing in the mountains. You’ll feel like you’re bringing your dog to be part of that movie. I kept having to pinch myself to make sure it was real.

The Soča River Valley is great because it caters to everyone. Whether you prefer mostly driving tours with scenic pull-out stops, short walks, or delicious stops to eat around the valley, or you’re a serious trekker wanting to camp and go on difficult trails, there’s something for you. The park’s serene surroundings and breathtaking landscapes make it a perfect choice for those seeking both adventure and tranquility with their dog.

Our experience: why we think this is a fantastic day trip or weekend getaway

We loved visiting with our terriers Sam and Denver. Our senior dog loves to go on shorter walks without too much elevation change. We found 2 different lakes with easy walking trails, easy walking paths that criss crossed along the river. Some of the best spots had picnic benches and chairs out for visitors to sit, relax, have a snack. So, we could easily push ourselves or relax in a beautiful setting.
We ate dinner at a restaurant that has an award for being dog friendly called Pristava Lepena. I think the dogs got even better service than us with their own menu and were welcome to visit the horses after eating.

Eastern Slovenia

Border terrier in front of a river with a canoe in Slovenia

Why Eastern Slovenia is a great weekend vacation with your dog

Best For: Historic town strolls, river adventures, cultural exploration, scenic hikes, relaxing countryside vibes, foodies, and vineyard walks

Eastern Slovenia is a great place for a relaxing getaway. Stay at one of the hot spring spa hotels for some extra pampering, and then explore the area with your dog.

Ptuj is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia. It’s got these charming streets and a castle with amazing views. The riverside walks are really peaceful and perfect for strolling with your pup.

Also, check out Kostanjevica na Krki. It’s this neat island town surrounded by the Krka River. The wooden bridges and quiet atmosphere make for great walks with your dog.

Olimje Monastery is another must-see with a fun design. Dogs are welcome in the monastery gardens, which are super relaxing and beautiful. The drive to the monastery is breathtaking. There is also a golf course and unique shopping nearby.

The countryside here is full of vineyards and rolling hills. You can hike around and enjoy the fresh air. Lots of wineries have outdoor areas where dogs are welcome, so you can do some wine tasting while your dog chills out.

Eastern Slovenia is great because it’s got a mix of history, nature, and dog-friendly spots. Perfect for a weekend trip with your furry friend.

Our experience: why we think this is a fantastic day trip or weekend getaway

This trip through Eastern Slovenia was more of a driving adventure for us. We’d stop, explore a place, and then hop back in the car to the next spot. Our dogs, who are great in the car, loved it. The roads are narrow and windy, so it’s perfect for dogs that enjoy car rides and sightseeing without needing tons of exercise.

I’m a huge fan of hot springs. The resorts have warm pools and fun water parks for the family. While dogs aren’t allowed in the water areas, most accommodations are dog-friendly. When people say “rest and relaxation,” this is exactly what they mean!

Final Thoughts: Fantastic Weekend Getaways with Your Dog in Slovenia

After exploring the tranquility of Eastern Slovenia, the serene beauty of Lake Bled, the quaint streets of Ljubljana, and the adventurous trails of the Soča River and Triglav National Park, it’s clear that Slovenia offers a variety of settings perfect for any dog-friendly weekend break.

Each destination provides plenty of opportunities for you and your pooch to create lasting memories, whether it’s by taking leisurely walks, paddling across a lake, or trekking through lush green forests. We hope this guide inspires you and your dog to start planning your next adventure. There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be sniffed out and explored together. Just in case you were wondering, Denver thinks the light post near the fountain at the entrance to the pedestrian zone has the best smells.

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