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Flying With Your Pet? Guess Which U.S. Airport Is Leading the Pack in Pet-Friendly Travel

If you’re flying in or out of Nashville International Airport® (BNA®) with a pet, you’re in luck. They have really elevated their Pet Relief options.

The newly redesigned Nashville airport launched in September 2023. The design focuses on the safety and convenience of traveling with pets and service animals. It’s the first airport to earn the Better Cities for Pets certification from Mars Petcare.

I recently took a flight through Nashville and was genuinely impressed by their pet-friendly services. Let’s explore what they have to offer for your dogs.

BNA Pet-Friendly and Service Animal Amenities BEFORE the Security Checkpoint

Taking a long flight or coming back from one with your dog usually means two things are high on your list: finding a bathroom and giving your pet a chance to stretch their legs. At most airports, you’re stuck with hunting for a small patch of grass among the concrete. But not in Nashville!

A small white poodle standing outside the pet relief area at BNA Nashville Airport

BNA Airport Dog Park

Where: Pre-security, Terminal Garage 1,
Pedestrian Plaza, Level P5

This space is not just a little patch of grass. It’s an actual dog park. It’s spacious enough for larger dogs to run around and even chase a ball to burn off some energy. The area is fully fenced, ensuring your pet stays within a safe boundary. The park includes an agility-style teeter-totter for some added fun.

Additionally, the park offers a water station at two heights—one for humans and one for pets. And don’t worry about waste bags; they’ve got those covered too.

For humans, there’s a bench where you can catch your breath before braving the security lines. Just a heads up—since this park is near the garage, it’s not immediately visible to those being dropped off curbside.

A view of the outdoor pet relief area at the BNA Nashville airport.

Nashville Airport Outdoor Pet Relief Area

Where: Departures level, curbside,
North and South sides

Two well-designed pet relief areas are available. The fenced-in spaces are approximately 12 square feet, ideal for stretching legs and quick pit stops, but not necessarily for playtime.

The relief areas also have water stations and waste pick-up. A sign asks pet owners to keep their dogs leashed and to clean up after them.

Right next to this area is an open, nicely landscaped space with benches. That did make it a draw for people looking for one last cigarette before making their way inside.

This would be a great place to stop off if your pet is flying in excess baggage or cargo before they are handed off to airline employees. 

BNA Pet-Friendly and Service Animal Amenities After Security

The indoor pet relief area at the Nashville BNA airport. It includes a fire hydrant, water station and sink.

Indoor BNA pet relief area

Where: Post-security, Concourse D,
Near Gate D2

Once you pass through security with your small pet or service animal, additional indoor pet-relief areas are available. You’ll find it conveniently located opposite the human restrooms.

Once inside, there’s a small area with artificial turf where you can take them out of their carrier so your pet can do their business. It’s a convenient spot for a final break before boarding your flight or right after landing, particularly if you’re waiting for your luggage.

The room includes a fire hydrant, water station, and even a spray hose for clean-up. There’s also a sink so you can wash your own hands.

A largescale mural at the Nashville airport with a picture of a dog with ears spread like wings. It says, "Nashville, Home of the Ultimate Airport for Pets"

Pet Selfie Spot

Where: South Terminal Connector between Concourses C and D
next to USO

To be honest, the purpose of this spot wasn’t immediately clear to me. I was expecting a backdrop for Instagram-worthy selfies with your pet. Instead, it seemed more like an informational billboard about the airport’s pet-friendly features.

Most features catered to the canines, but this is where there is nod to those traveling with cats. A mural in the North Terminal Rotunda says “Meow-sic City, TN”

Still, if you find yourself there with time to spare, the hashtag to use is #PETSWELCOME.

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Is there a pet relief area in the Nashville BNA Airport?

Yes, there are 3 outdoor areas before security and one indoor area after security between concourse C/D. See the map for details

Is Nashville BNA a pet-friendly airport?

Yes, they are certified by Better Cities for Pets which requires pet friendly places at the airport and clear communication about how to find it.

Where can my dog go to the bathroom at the Nashville BNA airport?

They can go outside in the dog park or one of the two outdoor pet relief areas. They can also go inside after security in the pet relief area between concourse C and D.

Who is the celebrity sponsor for the Pet-friendly BNA Nashville Airport?

Cassadee Pope and her French Bulldog, Cuppy, are helping to spread the word that the Nashville airport is welcoming to our furry companions.

Final Thoughts: Nashville BNA Airport Has Great Pet Relief Options

So, is Nashville’s BNA airport a canine traveler’s dream? It’s safe to say this airport goes above and beyond to make travel comfortable for you and your pet.

From a spacious dog park to multiple relief areas, BNA has prioritized pet-friendly amenities. Whether you’re just passing through or starting an adventure, make sure to explore what BNA has to offer. So, get your leash and get going, because both you and your pet will be in for a treat when you fly through Nashville. 🐾✈️

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