Cost comparison calculator for pet friendly hotels or Airbnb

Don’t be fooled by the initial price! Use this calculator to make sure you are including all the costs to see which one is the best deal. The answer might surprise you.

What is the BEST cost for you and your pets?

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How to Make Traveling With Your Pet More Affordable

Fees for pets can get very expensive and add a significant cost to your travel budget. If you plan to travel with a pet, it’s really important not just to check if the place you want to stay is pet friendly, but read the fine print.

If you are going to stay at a hotel for a weekend, a $20 per night fee will be a better deal.
Price for the weekend: $20×2 = $40

However, if you plan to stay at that exact same hotel for a week, a $100 fee per stay would be cheaper than the per night rate.
Price per stay: 1×100 = $100
Price per day for the week: $20×7 = $140

So, finding the best deal used to mean being good at mental math and being able to compare costs quickly in your head. Not anymore, now you can use this calculator to help make sure you are getting the best price for your stay.

On our cross-country road trip, I stayed at 4 star Kimpton Hotels in Boston and South Beach, Miami for less than the Holiday Inn because Kimpton’s have $0 pet fees and the Holiday Inn wanted to charge an additional $150. Who would have thought the 4 star hotel in a prime location that included free bikes, kayaks and go pros would end up being the better deal?

What Should You Check Before Booking Your Pet Friendly Stay?

  • Do they allow pets?
  • If you need it, do they allow pets besides dogs?
  • Do they allow the number of pets you have?
  • Do they have a size restriction?
  • Do they have a breed restriction?
  • Can your pets stay unattended?
  • Are pets allowed in the amenities you want to use such as pool, restaurant, etc.?

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Don’t forget to include the hidden costs in your calculations.
If you aren’t allowed to leave your pet in the room unattended, do you need to hire a pet sitter or pay for day care? If so, make sure to add that in to your calculator.

Does the vacation rental or extended stay suite have a kitchen where you can cook instead of going out to eat, that’s something to include in your costs as well.

Is the place you want to stay close to where you want to spend your time so you can take your dog to the beach but then leave them to snooze while you catch a show?

Final Thoughts: Pet Friendly Accommodation Calculator

We want you to have the best vacation for you and the furry members of your family. It takes a lot of work to make sure you are getting the best deals. Use this calculator and check list to make sure you are.

Are you still picking a pet-friendly destination? Let us help. Check out our guides to locations around the US

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