How Long Will My Dog Food Last – Calculator

Do you wonder how long will your dog food last on a trip?

If you are going on a trip, you will want to bring the right amount of food with you. Too much will leave you hauling heavy bags around with you and too little means a run to the grocery store.

How much dog food do I need to bring? I know I’ve been in both situations before. It makes trips a little more stressful. With this handy dandy little calculator, now we can double check how much we will need before we leave home. Then, we can pack it in the right size container for our weekend getaways or cross-country road trips.

Image of a dog and a calculator

Dog Food Calculator for Your Trip

Total Dog Food:

What Kind of Trip Are You Going On?

If you are heading on an international trip, check the rules and regulations of your destination.

For inspiration, take a look at some great dog friendly destinations.

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